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Bait-ul-Sukoon (House of Peace & Contentment) is the only Completely Free Cancer Hospital with a Hospice in Pakistan.

Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital & Hospice (BSCHH), managed under ‘Bait-ul-Sukoon Trust’ is located in Karachi. In 2009, BSCHH moved to its own purpose-built premises, equipped with 73 beds for inpatient care and state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities such as mammography, ultrasound, radiography, a fully equipped pathological laboratory and an in-house pharmacy that provides a complete range of cancer treatment drugs, ensuring that patients have access to the latest and most effective treatment options. The hospital provides both palliative and curative treatments to all cancer patients totally free of cost.
This means that complete cancer treatment, including boarding and lodging, is entirely borne by Bait-ul-Sukoon. Additionally, all patients are pathologically tested, while the services include surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy under a team of five leading surgeons and an equal number of experienced and reputable oncologists.

While BSCHH is committed to providing free cancer care to its patients, it cannot achieve its objectives alone. Therefore, the hospital is seeking financial support from donors, organizations and individuals like you to help cover the costs of treatment for patients who are unable to afford the dual burden of this capital-intensive disease. By donating generously, you can help support Bait-ul-Sukoon’s mission of providing high-quality cancer treatment and care to those in need.

We encourage you to donate generously and sponsor a patient’s treatment at BSCHH.

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