25 Years of Bait-ul-Sukoon & the Completion of 100th Tumor Board Meeting

Karachi, Pakistan – 7th June 2024 – Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital & Hospice (BSCHH) proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of dedicated free services to cancer patients. This significant milestone coincides with the completion of the hospital’s 100th Tumor Board Meeting, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence in cancer care.

Founded in 1999 by Ms. Zainab Ali Raza Ebrahim, Chairperson of BSCHH, the institution began as Pakistan’s first Hospice providing solace and care with palliative treatment to patients suffering from stage IV Cancer. Ms. Ebrahim recognizing the pressing need for comprehensive healthcare services constructed the hospital to also ensure the treatment of cancer, includingtests and therapies that are unaffordable for the common person. In 2009, BSCHH moved to its state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility, offering 73 beds for inpatient care and equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools including mammography, ultrasound, radiography, a fully equipped pathological laboratory, etc. and an in-house pharmacy while outsourcing its surgical needs until 2021, when a state of the art Operation Theatre was established. These facilities ensure that patients receive quality and latest treatment options, entirely free of cost.

BSCHH provides both palliative and curative treatments, with a team of top professionals some of whom offer honorary services mainly, Prof. Dr. Syed Tipu Sultan, a leading anesthesiologist who has been instrumental in completing and keeping the operation theatre functional. Surgeons, Prof. Dr. Shafiqur Rehman and Emerita Prof. Dr. Shaista Khan, who also performs reconstructive breast surgery for younger patients. Dr. Abdul Qayyum, Medical Director, BSCHH, leads an excellent team that includes Dr. Gulam Haider, Consultant Oncologist along with many other renowned and dedicated doctors, surgeons and oncologists.

The hospital’s MoU with Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) allows it to benefit from the expertise and its esteemed faculty, further enhancing BSCHH’s quality of care. Additionally, collaboration with DRM-Pharma & Diagnostik GmbH in Germany facilitates advanced medical research and access to cutting-edge Pharma & Diagnostic Products Services in the near future.

On this momentous occasion, Mr. Jameel Yusuf S.St., Co-Chairperson & Managing Trustee of BSCHH, stated: “Cancer is a disease that even those with substantial incomes struggle to afford. Bait-ul-Sukoon is a Ray of Hope, standing firm in its commitment to providing completely free treatment to all cancer patients with dignity and without any financial anxiety. We are proud to be the first private sector hospital to offer 100% free cancer treatment in Pakistan, thanks to the generous support of blessed individual donors, private institutions and corporates with the media identifying BSCHH to be that ray of hope. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have placed their trust in us and provided the financial support necessary, making it possible for BSCHH to continue providing treatment to the less-privileged cancer patients in a cashless environment.”

To mark this momentous occasion, BSCHH hosted an award ceremony in the presence of notables, in which the Chairperson, Ms. Ebrahim recognized the invaluable contributions of its medical team, whose dedicated services and relentless efforts have been paramount in fulfilling the hospital’s mission.

As BSCHH reflects on its journey, it remains dedicated to its mission of delivering compassionate and comprehensive cancer treatment completely free of cost. The hospital looks forward to continuing its service to the community with the support of generous donors providing the same unwavering commitment for many more years to come.


Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital & Hospice (BSCHH), managed and operated by Bait-ul-Sukoon Trust was established in 1999 as a Hospice. It is located in Karachi and is the only free cancer hospital with a hospice in Pakistan.

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