Patient Care

When patients reach the last stages of the disease, Bait Ul Sukoon serves as a hospice, providing them palliative treatment with loving care and concern, making their last days as comfortable as possible.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a newer type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to more precisely identify and attack cancer cells, usually while doing little damage to normal cells. Targeted therapy is a growing part of many cancer treatment regimens.
Targeted Therapy generally cause less damage to healthy cells than chemotherapy. At the same time, targeted therapy is designed to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. This is because it aims specifically at the cancer cells’ function that either:

  • Allows cancer cells to continue growing and dividing
  • Helps to keep the tumour alive

Targeted therapies do not depend on the rate of cell division, so they do not usually give the typical side effects of chemotherapy.
Targeted Therapy is in Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital’s future plans.