Patient Care

When patients reach the last stages of the disease, Bait Ul Sukoon serves as a hospice, providing them palliative treatment with loving care and concern, making their last days as comfortable as possible.

Training & Education

We are conducting a wide range of courses and trainings related to the caring of patient with cancer.Bait-ul-sukun believes in sharing and educating the community and the organization is trying its best to aware people of pakistan as much as possible regarding Cancer.

Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration from the laboratory to the clinic, the Bait-ul-sukoon Hospital offers an exceptional training ground for the next generation of leaders in cancer research and medicine.

The training programs of the Cancer Institute provide a powerful framework for connecting knowledge with inspiration. As recognized innovators in the clinical and basic sciences, our faculty challenge MD and PhD students, residents and postdoctoral fellows to pursue their scientific interests, while equipping them with the skills they need to make significant contributions in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The center also offers range of Continuing Medical Education opportunities to provide health-care providers direct access to the latest advances in cancer medicine.