Client Testimonials

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  • It’s a dream comes true. I remember the small hospices from which you begin and to achieve a hospital with so many facilities is a ground achievement. It is your dedication, commitment and noble heart that has inspired people to support you in your cause.

    H.D. Habib , London

  • I was overwhelmed to see such great philanthropic and charity for noble cause of service to humanity. The role played by all the donors and sponsors is commendable.

    Azhar Ali Farooqi, Federal Ins Ombudsman

  • Amazing institute, very clean, very impressed

    Shabana Abdul Razaq , ARY Dubai

  • It is extremely heartwarming to see such work begin done specially impressive is the hospice as such facilities are not available in Pakistan. We will do all that we can.

    Nauman Dar, Habib Bank Ltd

  • I was really impressed by my visit to the hospital which has got all facilities required for good a hospital. I am positive that insahAllah this hospital will have more and more success in the times to come will become one of the best hospitals in our region.

    A Hussain A. Basrai, KMPG

  • I am truly impress with up keep / well kept hospital with healthy environment. It needs help both medical / fund raising.

    Dr. Mansoor Dar , Karachi Lab & Diagnostics Center