Imran Aslam Play by Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital and Hospice (BSCHH)

A Play by Imran Aslam on 26 February 2017 at Area 51 Marque organised by Baitul Sukoon Cancer Hospital and Hospice, the only free cancer hospital with a hospice in Pakistan. BSCHH Trust has constructed a purpose built premises with 50 beds for inpatients and diagnostic facilities of mammography, ultrasound radiography, pathological laboratory and in-house pharmacy offering a complete range of cancer treatment drugs. Palliative as well as curative treatment is provided Free of cost to all patients.


To help prevent cancer and provide services to under-privileged afflicted members of our community to fight it in tranquility


  • to provide medical care for the ecumenically deprives,
  • to educate people for the prevention and early detection of cancer,
  • to provide excellent curative and palliative care in atmosphere of dignity and respect
  • to keep our patients as comfortable as possible.

Information about Imran Aslam:

Imran Aslam is a renowned playwright with over 60 successful plays produced for stage and several dramas and serials for television, including the acclaimed Khaleej, Dastak, Bisaat and the ever green Rozi. His wit and political satire make his children’s plays and contemporary dramas a must see event on the theatrical calendar. He has been the resident playwright of Grips Theatre for over 30 years. He has also helped foster a culture of tolerance through his forays into music, poetry, literature, fashion and cinema.


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