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Breast Clinic

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Breast Clinic

Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital offer diagnostic and treatment services for people who have breast changes or problems ranging from benign breast conditions to breast cancer.

Separate BREAST CLINIC is conducted by as Dr. Shaista Khan, Dr. Urooj Akmal, Dr. Farah Idrees, Dr. Sana Zeeshan, plastic & general surgeon, this clinic is equipped with the facilities of ultrasound, mammogram & Trout biopsy which enable the early detection & timely management of the cancer at a curable stage.

The breast clinics provide comprehensive care for people who have breast cancer and other high-risk breast problems.

Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital doctors diagnose breast abnormalities and provide many services including:

Breast cancer screening

Mammography, ultrasound, MRI-guided breast biopsy and other services

Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biological treatments, hormone therapy and other treatments for breast cancer

Breast cancer prevention counseling

Genetic counseling for people who are at high risk for breast cancer

Access to experimental therapies as part of clinical trials for people who have breast cancer

Patient education and breast cancer survivorship programs

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