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“Cancer patients and their families undergo a traumatic period of their lives,
particularly when the only earning member of the family is afficted or a mother with young children is diagnosed with cancer.
The admission policy at Bait-ul-Sukoon is purely on a need basis. No patient is given a biased treatment, neither is any community member given preference over the other.”
-Dr. Jawaid Mallick, Consultant Oncologist

Bait-ul-Sukoon Hospital & Hospice (BSCHH), also known as the House of Peace & Contentment, had its humble beginning in 1999 in a small house located in KDA-I that served as a hospice shelter for underprivileged, terminally ill cancer patients. During its first year, the shelter was overwhelmed with an increasing amount of cancer patients who were in desperate need of support and comfort during their final days.

Over time, BSCHH continued to grow and expand, the organization recognized the need to provide not just palliative care, but also curative treatment options for patients with a better prognosis. This led to the establishment of the first and only cancer hospital with a hospice in Pakistan providing 100% free-of-cost treatment, a remarkable achievement that highlights BSCHH’s commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals affected by cancer.

The construction of a modern air-conditioned facility in 2009 consisting of two state-of-the-art operation theatres with a 5-bed Highly Dependent Unit (HDU) all on a dedicated floor spanning over 48,000 sq. ft., located on a 1,200 sq. yd. plot in Block 3, K.C.H.S. Union, Karachi, was made possible by the generous contributions of philanthropists and foundations who donated a total of Rs. 100 million towards the project.

AKUH has partnered with Bait-ul-Sukoon Trust, wherein its faculty and students are dedicated to volunteering their valuable expertise and services to support BSCHH in the realization of its noble Vision – to provide quality treatment to cancer patients completely free-of-cost.

The Hospital, which is situated near Hill Park, consists of over 5-storeys, providing ample space to accommodate its state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment. The facility’s modern design and spacious layout create a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients, visitors, and staff alike.

In addition to providing medical care, BSCHH also places great emphasis on raising awareness about the prevention and early detection of cancer. The organization recognizes the importance of education in preventing the disease.

BSCHH’s unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive cancer care and treatment completely free of cost has earned the organization a reputation as a leading healthcare provider in Pakistan, and a beacon of hope for those affected by cancer, an ailment that tends to destroy you both psychologically and financially.


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