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We provide nutrition care, advice and education to patients during their stay in hospital and also in our out-patient clinics.

In-Patient Services

Dietitians are available to help patients with their nutritional concerns. Our dietitians work closely with the medical team to provide dietary care to promote patient’s recovery. We evaluate the need for specialized diets and provide detailed counseling for any nutritional prescription. Proper nutrition to those patients who are unable to eat orally is given through tube feeding. Individualized counseling of patients on enteral feeding is carried out for patients on naso-gastric feeding, PEG or jejunostomy feeding.

Patients are provided with nutritional meals made with high quality ingredients. Menus of patients are suggested by dietitians according to their therapeutic needs. We offer a variety of diets according to the needs of patients.

Out-Patient Services

BSCHH Nutrition division also offers dietary consultation in outpatient clinics. Diet clinic is held six days a week where nutritional counseling is carried out by qualified dietitians to cancer patients in their pre-operative, post operative ongoing chemotherapy and post chemotherapy duration to help in cancer and control sugar and blood pressure and CVD problem.

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